Wardrobe Overhaul

If you feel stuck in a rut, you have items of clothing you never wear or worse, you dread wearing them, then it’s time to give you and your wardrobe an overhaul.

This is also great if you want a wardrobe full of stuff that works for you alongside a host of fresh, new ideas and boundary-pushing outfits that you may not choose for yourself.  This one shakes things up.

This experience will start with a wardrobe detox at your home or online.

We will:

  • Discuss in-depth your closet and discuss what you wear or don’t wear and why
  • Assess items needed for your closet according to your true lifestyle and fit
  • Create new, stylish looks for you by utilising pieces you already have
  • Show you how to assemble complete outfits, including shoes and accessories so you take this skill away with you going forward
  • Discuss wardrobe goals and teach you how to obtain them
  • Prepare a customised list of items needed for the shopping day

We follow the wardrobe detox with:

  • A shopping trip together (we can do this on the same day or arrange for when suits you)
  • A Pinterest board of ideas and inspiration so you’re never stuck for what to wear and are clear on your style


2.5 hour session, £150 – we divide the time as needed. Usually one hour is needed for an express wardrobe detox, if you prepare using the tips I provide, and the rest of the time is for shopping!

Full day, £500 – this is the best of the best. We dedicate the morning to a wardrobe detox – starting with understanding your style and lifestyle needs on a deeper level, we get straight into getting rid of what’s holding you back and categorise your clothing into what to keep, sell, ditch or donate. It’s a very therapeutic experience and I take whatever we lose away for you. We then plot what you need to compile your new wardrobe, and go shopping to fill the gaps.

What my clients say:

Beth took me through what I’m now calling “the cleanse” – not only of my wardrobe, but she also helped me address and work through some pretty deep feelings that came up about my previous work and how I’d dressed to hide parts of my personality – it was such an unexpected yet incredible experience, which resulted in me clearing out most of my wardrobe and shedding that person I’d almost been pretending to be for such a long time. 

As well as organising what was left of my clothes and showing me how put together outfits with ease, the final step of my styling experience with Beth was a shopping trip. And boy did we shop and have an absolute ball doing so! 

I am absolutely thrilled with all of my purchases and my wardrobe is now brimming with outfits and options that I truly can’t wait to show off. 

Gemma Denness

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