Membership Terms and Mission

It Takes Tits Members Club

I’m keen to keep this simple and minimise your boring-reading time but there’s a few rules to protect us all that you might find useful:

  • Membership is:
    • £15 plus VAT per month
    • The membership fee is payable upfront on a monthly basis by direct payment or standing order
  • The first payment is due when your circle starts
  •  Membership will run on a rolling basis, automatically renewing on your chosen time period if you stipulate one
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so by contacting me. You’ll be charged for the first month as this comes out of your account upon sign up, but thereafter, you can cancel at any point.
  •  I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds but I can offer you the flexibility to cancel your membership as above.
  • Membership acceptance is at my discretion but works on a first come, first served basis. If members do not adhere to our mission statement, I have the discretion to eliminate your membership at any point. It’s in both of our interests to be cool and support one another after all.
  • Any member who continuously and deliberately sabotages the pledge will be removed from the group, see the pledge below.

Our pledge and mission statement.

If you’re in the club, you pledge to fulfill the following:

  • Don’t be a dick. I don’t tolerate nastiness, destructive criticism or any negative behaviours that sees people tearing each other down. We’re a community supporting one another and helping each other to rise. We rise up, we don’t tear each other down. 
  • Keep it schtum. The groups are kept small not only to allow quality time and attention for each person but also to build trust and confidentiality, so please don’t share names and information of what you learn about others. This is a closed group, a safe space and we want to keep it that way.
  • Bullies will not be tolerated. Any language that makes people feel unsafe or degraded will be shit down, and you’ll be out. Also, what shame.

Mission Statement

It Takes Tits members club is all about powering potential, promoting your bravery and taking life by the lapels. It is for people who want to use their voice, rise up and take action.

For these reasons, we are a community of brilliant people who believe in helping each other become their best self. The only criticism we offer is constructive. Though we speak harsh truths this is never hate talk, it’s a nudge in the direction, the kick up the arse you need or the helping, firm hand to guide you – but always with nurturing support and encouragement. 

We keep it real. We go after what we want. We’re unapologetically us.