Styling for men


  • You look in your wardrobe and its all a bit meh
  • You’re bored of your current style and want to try new things
  • You’re struggling to even know what your style is
  • Or you just want some new ideas from someone who knows their stuff

…this is the styling package for you.

What you’ll learn

Available in three options, this session will develop your own sense of style, show you how to put outfits together and add a new lease of life to your wardrobe.

You’ll discover:

  • The shapes, colours and fabrics that looks best on you
  • How to pull an outfit together
  • What your style is so you look sharp every time
  • The tricks and details that elevate your clothes to outfits
  • How to be more daring and adventurous with ideas

The cost

1 hour express class, £60 – this speedy session is hosted in a store that I recommend so that you can try on clothes while I advise you on what looks work best for you, and why. It’s up to you if you buy what we try.

2.5 hour session, £150 – hosted in a store and at your home, we go through your wardrobe together in person or virtually, consider the missing items to give you a versatile range in your new style. Then, we go shopping together with the remaining time.

Half day, £350 – hosted at your home and a store, we give your wardrobe a detox and get rid of what no longer works for you. I help you understand why that is and get to know your style needs on a deeper level, then we go shopping to get you looking sharp.

Full day, £500 – this is the best of the best. We start with understanding your style and lifestyle needs on a deeper level, we detox your existing wardrobe and get rid of what’s not working for you. I even take away the items that no longer work for you. We then plot what you need to up your style mojo, and go shopping to fill the gaps to ensure you’re looking and feeling good.

Connect with me to enquire.