It Takes Tits is a podcast that seeks out and champions your inner courage, explores the definition and practice of bravery, and helps you shake off what’s holding you back, to get out of your own way, so you can ask for what you need and then go out and get it. Featuring occasional guest speakers and encouragement from me to give you the resources and power to become unapologetically you.

Episode 1: It Takes Tits does Divorce

Starting with an open and honest account of my story of divorce, I explore themes of bravery, self-love and establishing healthy boundaries. Listen on Spotify.

Episode 2: It Takes Tits does ADHD and Authenticity

I sit down with screenwriter, creator and freelance writer Jennifer La Roux, whose journey of self discovery has empowered her to define her own story and know what’s good for her. From hard hitting stories of wanker employers (her words), to losing and knowing yourself, and embracing the f word, fat.

Diagnosed with ADHD in 2019, Jen talks openly about how this  became a powerful self discovery, how she built her blind belief system to get shit done and when she came into power in deciding upon no more shrinking to please others. Listen on Spotify.

Episode 3: It Takes Tits does Dating and Relationships

I chat to Holistic Relationship Coach, DIVA Magazine columnist and Channel 5 Presenter Ali Hendry about dating, sex and relationships in the modern-day virtual world.

Being catapulted into a whole new world of dating in my 40s and post-divorce, I discuss dating don’ts and debasing yourself (or not), I ask the question, ‘why is it so hard to just be who we truly are?’ and I dig deep and dish the dirt with Ali, revealing some truly lovely news of my own.

Listen on Spotify.