Members Club

It Takes Tits Members Club is a monthly subscription, giving people support and skills to turbo charge their self esteem and confidence through small mentoring circles.

The name was born out of the fact that I got tired of the expression, it takes balls – because that doesn’t apply to us all does it!

All the details

So what is it?

It Takes Tits members club is all about powering potential, promoting your bravery and taking life by the lapels. It is for people who want to use their voice, rise up and take action.

It gives you ongoing support, bravery boosts and game changing tools EVERY MONTH.

Limited spaces

Places to It Takes Tits members club runs in mentoring circles limited to five people at a time, and the doors only open every two months. This is so we can build an authentic rapport, trust and confidentiality in small circles, while enabling me to give each person the attention they deserve.

Hosted online

All calls are planned and scheduled ahead of time, and any sessions you can’t make will be viewable at your leisure as each one is recorded.

The regular whatsapp support also covers anything you might miss.

Being brave, taking action, using your voice. That doesn’t take ‘balls’, it takes TITS

What it looks like:

  • Fortnightly level up challenges facilitated by me
  • Mentoring is themed with a new focus each month
  • Ongoing whatsapp support arranged in a group for your mentoring circle
  • On-going boosts, inspo and badassery
  • Tools and techniques to help you do the thing
  • Occasional surprises to keep you smiling and on your toes!
  • Access to the Facebook community to extend the love
  • The option to add-on for 1:1 mentoring with me at a club member rate of £50 per hour (usually £120)
  • Exclusive member discount of 20% to my personal styling and interior styling services.


The monthly subscription costs £15 per month. 

It’s a rolling membership and you can choose between paying monthly, quarterly or once a year – the choice is yours.

How to join

These groups pack a punch. I’ve been mentoring brilliant people for years with great results that they happily share, so places are pretty sought after. 

In order to gain entry you need to join the waitlist first. I only open doors every two months and there’s only five people in a group each time. It’s a first come first serve basis. Whoever signs ups first and fastest, is in:


For full terms and conditions and how the club operates, read this.

Want something more 1:1?

Outside of the mentoring circles, I offer 1:1 support as often as you need it. My rates for this start at £60 for a power half hour session.

Get in touch for a free consultation to see how it can work for you.