1:1 Mentoring

There are three themes for the 1:1 mentoring that I focus on:

  • Get your shit together
  • Hustle and heart
  • Actually I can

All you need to do is pick the theme that suits where you’re at, or where you want to be, and book your first session to kick start the changes you need.

I only take on a small number of people at a time so I can give you the attention you deserve, and I’m opening my books for four people on Friday 8th January 2021.

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What they say:

Beth has valuable wisdom gained from a life of bold decisions, challenging experiences and is the embodiment of ‘practice what you preach’. Beth doesn’t just give advice, offering solutions read from a book or an online course, she’s the real deal.

A powerful combo of positivity, straight talking, brilliant business acumen, a big heart, and a wicked sense of humour make Beth the perfect choice to anyone needing help finding the courage to just get on and do it.

Jodie Daniel, Freelance Operations Director (and adventurer…now) 🙂

Choose your programme:

1. Get your shit together

1:1 mentoring to help you get organised, define what you want then make it bloody happen.

Are you tired of always wishing and wanting something but never having it?

Are you  getting in your own way, lacking in confidence or just unsure of what is stopping you fulfilling your potential?

Are you tired of your own shit?

I can tell you from experience that real growth happens when you’re tired of your own sh*t. 

I’ll help you stop with the excuses, address any negative mindsets you might have and give you practical steps to help you achieve your goals.

This is for you if:

  • You want to make positive changes in your mindset and life
  • You feel the nagging need to get organised
  • You need a gentle push to take action
  • You’re ready to live your truth
  • You want to enjoy your life more and know you deserve to

2. Hustle and heart

1:1 mentoring for entrepreneurs, start ups and sole traders who want to turn their ideas into reality.

I’ll show you how you can sell your brand and offering and generate new business without compromising your values or feeling shy about it. 

After all, you’re running a business!

I’ll show you that hustle and heart is what sets you apart and that being ‘nice’ is an advantage.

This is for you if:

  • You shy away from selling yourself and your services
  • You hate the limelight but want in on the action
  • You are looking to grow your business
  • You want to bounce ideas off someone else
  • You want to fill the gaps in your business acumen
  • You’re ready to get the show on the road

3. Actually I can

This 1:1 mentoring theme focuses on boosting your self confidence, self esteem and self care.

I’ll guide you into a courageous mindset so you can start to love yourself as you should – yes, love yourself – and say that out loud and not give two hoots about what anyone else thinks.

This is programme is your personal cheerleader, loving best friend and nagging mother rolled into one – placing you at the centre and analysing what you need, why you need it and how we can help make it happen.

It’s an intense but nurturing programme that challenges any negative mindsets you might have, facilitates tools to upgrade your thinking and bring you to a place of achievable, realistic positivity and powerful action.

This is for you if:

  • You’re tired of putting others first and want to focus on YOU now
  • You’re feeling flat or down
  • You need a confidence boost for life
  • You often look at others and say, ‘I wish I could be like that’ (you can and you will)
  • You want to feel uplifted and strong
  • You need a helping hand to find your way
  • You’re looking for a treat for yourself or someone you care about

What they say:

Having Bethanie as my mentor has allowed me to realign with what is actually important to me and ensure that every day in some way I am always focused on achieving my goals.”

“By always being curious and asking questions, Bethanie will gently push you to dig deep and uncover your true desires and then helps you to take clear and practical steps to achieve those goals, this includes facing and addressing any negative mindsets you might have around why you currently aren’t taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals.”

“What I like about Bethanie’s approach is that she is a very balanced person, tough when you need a push and nurturing when you might be feeling afraid to take a leap.”

“Bethanie’s approach has helped boost my positive mindset and untangle some of my approach to my goals. I’m now able to check in regularly with myself and access if actions are bringing me closer or further away from my overall goals.”

“If you want to become realigned with your purpose and actually achieve your goals, Bethanine is the woman to help you get there!”

Laura James, Artist and SEO Expert

What you’ll get:

  • Each theme is available on a one month, three month or six month programme.
  • Weekly whatsapp support for the entire programme. I’m here for you throughout the programme, whether you need to bounce around an idea or simply have a chat. I’ll check in with you at least twice a week in this way.
  • Your personal prescription offering a summary of the guidance and support you need, any recommended resources, connections or tasks and challenges we agree would benefit you.
  • Scheduled calls – we meet on video at times and on days convenient to you, planning the programme for the entire duration from day one so that we commit with conviction.

One month

  • Two calls
  • Weekly whatsapp check-ins
  • A prescription

Cost: A one-off payment of £150

Three Months

  • Six calls
  • Weekly whatsapp check-ins
  • Monthly prescriptions

A one-off payment of £426

Or three monthly payments of £142

Six Months

  • Ten calls
  • Weekly whatsapp check-ins
  • Monthly prescriptions

A one-off payment of £702

Or three monthly payments of £234

Although the themes offer a focused approach, each programme is 100% personalised to you. The more time I spend with you, the more impact we can make together but if it’s an express session you’re looking for or a taster to how this can work for you – all options are covered here.

Want to get going?

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